To blog or not to blog?

The new two new strategies that I used to increment the traffic in my blog were. In my communications mostly through Gmail, I signed out with the name of my blog at the bottom of my e-mails. There are people I know that do not have Facebook or a twitter account, I know at least of two people that visited the site after emailing them. The second strategy used and most rewarding was to talk to the student I interviewed. I was showing her where she could find her interview in the blog, my resident was very excited. She asked me if she could face book the site so her friends could take a look at it. This was rewarding since this was not intended, but it was good to promote the blog that way. One final strategy not posted on the list that worked well for me was to retwitte the information on my blog specifically at lunch time, I saw the increment of traffic; that is a good strategy, many people get online when they have those 5 minutes free.

This project was very useful as a professional development.At the beginning, I was very challenged but through the process it became something I enjoyed. Now, I found myself several times thinking about what to write for people.  I have learned about writing less and create more quality pieces. I see how having a blog is an ideal way to communicate information that continuously changes, for an educator I think is one of the most productive ways to communicate with parents and of course studentsand engage both parents and students. A blog is a great and effective way to communicate. So far I have 26 post, 352 hits and 42 comments, which I consider a success! I am thinking on changing the look of my blog and make it more personal,  leave perhaps the information for college students. I am still in the process of changes but not sure how much of the actual info I want to keep or not.  Last: to b log or not to blog? Definitely = Blog!

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Endings and beginnings

Yesterday I went to get my cap, gown and hood! and boom!…reality hit! I was opening the bag so careful to get my gown out and try it on, while thinking of all this time in RU! Oh God is here! I was thinking that  in a blink graduation will be here and in a blink it will be over. Mixed feelings of tears and joy 🙂  I think all this calls for waterproof mascara…definitely! ha!  However, I calmed down and I am thankful and peaceful & joyful. Everything  took  on another reality level once I finished with my comprehensive exam; I did not fore see feeling such relief after this presentation. I went out  of the building and even the outside looked different.
For the last month I have started saying my good byes. My belief in never saying bye just vanished to people that knew me. It has worked out sweet and well. I’ve been receiving very kind words and texts that at times overwhelmed me! People are nice and kind. I have been thanking God for all that has happened from the very beginning.
This all  started  with  my best friend’s vision as well as her brother and his wife who showed me this possibility of having a graduate degree. I am thankful to God that they believed in me. Yes, they are my NC-VA family and I love them much!. Thanks for all the support, the long hours, the proof reading, the laughter, tears, and long talks.

I thank God endlessly for making my long time dream of pursuing a masters degree a reality! Thanks to my professors who have taught and guided me and had time to talk and clarify all my questions. Thanks to my family especially  my parents that are always in my mind and my heart and  my siblings and the friends that I have made here. You have been like family to me. To my supervisor who has been an example of leadership. Thanks especially to my two amazing friends L&L who have taught me so much on  growth, strength and kindness and whom I have laughed with never enough.  To Mikele and Gigi which expressions of love always mean the world to me. I will always cherish my time at Radford University. It was a joy coming to this cute little town in the mountains with  such wonderful people.  The end is coming but a beginning is now in the horizon!

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Educational Technology and my Father

Today was my Comprehensive Exam. I was ready but still I was nervous. The place for my exam was reserved and I arrived on time to check on my presentation and to make sure all technical details were ready for when my professors arrived. I had a committee of three doctors and I had classes with all these professors. Each one inspires me for their tenacity and firm commitment to the educational and technology fields. My  professors have been inspiring to me and their example and teaching has renewed my belief in the value of  education.
This morning as I got up and started getting ready to be on time, my dad was in my mind the minute I woke up. Today I was presenting my exam to get my degree. I was fifteen when my father presented his thesis to get his degree. My father is a mechanical engineer. I remember him being so touched by having his family with him as  my mom, siblings,  and I were with him in his exam. I remembered the presentation so clearly. His project was outstanding. My father was always known as a knowledgeable, reliable, and professional individual.
Today I thought about him and made sure to look professional as if he would see me this morning. My father is one of the most influential people in my life. My presentation went well.  I used a program that was new to me but I really mastered it in weeks!. When I was finished and after some conversation, the committee congratulated me and we all left. As I was preparing to leave the room, I thought again of my father thinking of how much I admire him and he is in my thoughts at all times. I love my father for many reasons but also because he has been an important example to me.  You can see him in the picture with my Mom. Finally I can be proud that I passed my comprehensive exam. I will be graduating in less than two weeks!

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I was asked by my friend Carol to write on pets. So today is all about my dog -Mikele.

Mikele is in Mexico. I love my dog and he still recognizes me when I visit. Mikele was a life gift. I did not buy him but I claimed him in my mind for a year.  One month after my birthday Mikele came to my life as a gift from my coworkers. His unofficial name was “tejocote”. Tejocote is a rich delicious fruit in Mexico.  It has a distinguished orange/reddish color, very vivacious. So like the fruit, Mikele had a reddish tint on his cheeks and on his back. He is a peach poodle. I renamed him by checking the day he was born on the calendar and Mikele -Michael in Italian was the name given. I chose an Italian  name as I had traveled recently that year to Italy and I fell in love with the country and its people.
Mikele  was supposed to have been a tea cup poodle. I believe that  just like the story of Clifford the Big Red Dog  and his owner Emily Elizabeth,
Mikele grew so much because he was so loved by me. Mikele is now a  standard poodle.  He was so wanted and lovingly thought of that  he could not stay a tea cup size and grew to be standard!.

Mikele is very intelligent, wise, playful, and  a good camper. His disposition has always been sweet. He has bear with me  in the long  distance that separates us. At least that is what I like to think. Mikele has become my parents dogs actually. He is  their best friend and companion and the three of them love each other dearly. They are like the three musketeers. 🙂 Mikele brings joy to all the family together and we consider him a family member also. He is good to my two young nieces who are 9 and 5. They  play dress up with  him and put all his toys all  over him  but yet  he  remains kind and loving.
Do you have a pet that is like a family member?

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Dreading the augmented game?

I am and I do not know why! I think is the anticipation of greatness. David and Daniel that work with Dr. Dunleavy  have been so nice and good as teachers and very patient! They have answered all my questions. I am  really going to get busy on it.  I can do it , I can do it! I keep repeating that to myself! and it will be so good when I finish and I try it! 🙂

Tomorrow will be the day to try my game.

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Where are you?

Early this morning I went to try the RA game. The Resident Assistant game is an augmented reality game that I am working on. The RA will have an iPhone to play this game, it makes the times of an electronic compass and in a -scavanger hunt type of game, he/she will be takenaround campus. I’ve been excited about it. Today I wanted to check primarily on the assessments after the RA visits each Hall.

Oh no! the game is having issues on what is showing and not. It was not expecting this but on a good note the parts that worked well were good, the information is clear and concise. If I were one that is being trained I definitily would be excited. I think when I get to fix the details that are not working properly now, this game will be ready to wow the Ra’s in training. I will be checking on all to work properly.

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On the game

The Administration Building as depicted on a postcard from the 1920s. This week, I learned valuable information about the history of this institution while looking for description and details about a building for my RA game. The game is in good shape, I still having some issues on the visibility of the halls but it is almost ready.

McConnell Library is one of my favorite places at RU. You can freeze to death if you do not bring a sweater in any season, but other than that, it is a great facility. The people are friendly and helpful with information. Today I learned about a pool that no longer exists and about life in the 1900s. I saw some wonderful pictures. I also read about spooky stories around campus that I will not talk about. If you are curious, go find out about it! 

The most impressive piece of information was about the construction of Muse Hall which was finished in 1970. I learned it replaced Founders Hall. From the picture, Founders Hall looked gorgeous. I wondered what would be the thinking behind the decision to tear it down.
I love history and I am glad how visionary people have always made changes in this institution to better the life of the Highlanders. I like how the Halls are named after important figures in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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