Sharing the Viet Nam-RU experience

Radford University student Trang Nguyen talks about her experience enrolling at RU from her home country Vietnam. Trang is an International freshman Student living in Pocahontas Hall.

Full Name: Huyen Trang (First name) Nguyen (Last name) Le (Middle name)
Age: 19
Major: Finance and Accounting
Country: Viet Nam

Why did you decide to study in the United States?

Studying in the US has always been my dream. US possesses one of the best education systems in the world. I believe I can study in a well-equipped facility environment to understand both concepts and practical experiences. Also, academic degrees received from US colleges and universities are highly valued in my country, increasing job opportunities for my future in Viet Nam.

How easy and clear was the process to enroll at Radford University?

I could find the instructions on RU website, in the Admissions section. I am very pleased with the considerate attitude of many people in the Office of Admissions. If I had any question, or misunderstood information, I emailed Admissions staff; I usually received the response after 24 hours due to the time difference between the two countries. My application process was smoothly proceeded.

While being in your country. Was the RU website helpful in finding what you were looking for?

RU website provides me core information about RU campus, including academic facility, resident life such as residential halls and dining areas. It also gives me information about the major that I concern, and the catalog for any cources I plan to take.

In your opinion, is there more we can offer in the website that would hav benefitted you before arriving to this country? If yes, what?

I would prefer to watch a virtual tour given by Radford students in the campus tour section. When I searched for school, I had to search for the video on YouTube. Because international students do not have the opportunity to visit the school direcrly, we expect to have a real look at Radford, and students’ life.

How do the cultural change impacted you?

I adapt really quick in the environment. Honestly, I did not experience any culture shocks because I watched a lot of American programs when I was in Vietnam. However, sometimes, the differences in culture still give me a halt in accepting information. When I understand it, I can easily blend in.

If you have been in contact before with RU via an app; lets say a game that would allow you to be familiar with the Halls and layout of the campus. Do you think your arrival to RU would have been different?

I totally believe in fresh impression. However, if I had been given a chance to participate in RU activities before my arrival at Radford, it would have created a familiar sense with Radford in me because I could imagine what the students are like, how they interact here, and what types of activities usually take place at Radford. Nevertheless, I really do appreaciate the brand new experience that I have here.

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