A hostess for an International student shares her experience

Name of the student: Chiyo Shimoi
Major: General Studies
Student age at the time: 25
Country: Japan

In your experience hosting an international student:
Do you think the transition from Japanese culture to the American culture was smooth for your guest?

She had lived with another family in the US before living with us so she had probably made some adjustments. My observation was that she adjusted easily and enjoyed being in the US.

In your impression would it have been beneficial to have a website with links showing the United States, academic environment and culture? How?

Yes, I think it would have been a benefit. Knowing about the language requirements (test) and how to prepare would have been helpful. She seemed to communicate well in English to me, but I know that she had difficulty with English in her classes. Also information about campus life, dating, entertainment and peer group customs would be good to know. An introduction to American idioms and sayings that do not have literal meaning would be helpful. 

As a hostess for an International student, did you have to fill out any legal paper work? Was it explanatory for you?

No, I had no paper work. I just invited Chiyo to live with us.

Looking in this day and time do you think that technology would have made a difference in the transition of a student in the past vs. today? How?

I was not involved in her academic work so I really can’t evaluate that. I believe technology has made research and writing much easier for everyone. I think email would have made a difference for her communication with family, professors and fellow students.

What is the most rewarding experience of having an International student living with you?

We became good friends and I learned a lot about her culture. I consider her a life-long friend. I have visited her in Japan and she and her husband have visited us.

Do you think technology is a good tool that would benefit the transition of foreign students to the United States?

I’m sure it is.  Technology helps all of us find information and convey information quickly and easily.

Thank you

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