Day one living in the United States

The things that I got to experience that are different  from the city I was raised. It was October. I came to this country with a suitcase and my dog, a one year old poodle.

The next morning after our arrival was the first time I took my dog for a walk. It was a cold morning with crunchy leaves on the ground. My dog and I were amazed by sounds we did not recognize. We looked up and a flock of Canada geese were flying across the sky. We had never seen or heard Canada geese before in our lives.  I was born and raised in the Metropolitan area of Mexico City. That morning I realized I had moved out of my country to start my life in the United States. It was mixed feeling, but it was good; challenging but positive.

After six months of having been in this country, I went back to visit my family for spring break and I took back my dog. I did not think keeping him inside my room all day, coming back from work, feeding him and taking him for a walk and go to bed was the life I wanted for my dog. My parents have him now and he is one of the happiest and loved dogs I know. He is sweet and playful and even though it has been many years since I took him back  to Mexico, he still recognizes me as his owner.

Over the years I have come to appreciate nature so much. Living out of the city, I have seen new animals and birds close up. The chickadee is my favorite. I have learned to recognize different birds and their songs. I am impressed by so many animals I have seen like woodpeckers, horses and deer. I have even seen egrets and white headed bald eagles. I also love the flowers and trees. In many ways I have been converted to nature after coming from the city.

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