Now and then…You tube?

U.S. Immigration GuidesI recently posted an entry about the experience of getting my visa at the American Embassy. When I was coming to study in this country, I barely knew what I needed to do legally and what documentation I needed to submit. It was 2008 and the main communication channel  with the Radford University representative was e-mail. I think the use of networks such as You tube for gathering information was not common, or more specifically,  it was not common to me.

Now that I am writing about international students and looking for ways to ease the transition of coming to the United States, I have found interesting videos on You Tube regarding this topic. I am thankful to RU representative in the International Department because she is knowledgeable about my case in is the expert about I need to do. Her professionalism and accuracy in this matter was critical to my success in coming to this country.

The video that is very explanatory and reminds me of the days I was reading about visas while waiting for my acceptance to Radford University and waiting to hear about a job with Residential Life. I call this video a quick one-on-one about visa information. You can also find this video in the blog roll on the right side of your screen. The video comes from the American Embassy in Belgium.

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