Change is good!

I have changed in addition to the regular changes we all have in life. I am thankful that moving to this country has been positive.  Living in a foreign country is a valuable experience for me.  I have changed positively in many areas of my life and I have grown in ways I never thought of when I made the decision to live here. Probably if there is a “negative” that would be being so far from my parents. My parents are the most important people in my life and until recently, I didn’t think of the necessity to be close as they are aging. I am concern there will be a time when they need help. Of course, sometimes it is just tough to be far away; I wish I just could visit them at any time.

The positive? Wow! All. I have learned about the culture and I have embraced ways of doing things and ways of thinking. I have had countless positive experiences. There are friends that I consider family, and I learn from people in general everywhere. I enjoy the culture, the food, the places; this is a beautiful country. I like and value every place I go. At times I joke and say that I have been converted from a city girl into a country one and it happened some years ago.

I have learned to be more organized. One of the most valuable learning experiences has been the opportunity to enjoy life as it is. Not that I did not before, of course I did but only up to a point. The economy, spending five hours a day in transportation, country conflicts and city life are things I do not miss at all. I know I can go back and live in a city if I that is needed, but I prefer living in a different, better style. I live differently here, working and enjoying a simple life and doing activities I never knew about before. Every day I learn something!

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2 Responses to Change is good!

  1. Alma says:

    Change is always good!!! Change is an opportunity to grow! I love how you share your personal experiences. Anyone can relate or learn from your example. =] XOXO!

  2. Char Zeilman says:

    You are Amazing Aida Moreno! Your words inspire, encourage and hold vision for everyone, but especially those desiring to be here as International students. Your blog will enable them to see that they can be very successful by not letting the “sometimes” language barrier or any other cultural difference stop them from learning and helping others just like you do! You are the BEST!

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