How is my game coming along?

I like the program I am using to make my game. Yes, it does have details that need improvement, but the basics are friendly to work with! That is already a plus. I will cover details later.
I have made an entry before on the idea of a the game for RA training. My RA Game for training starts facing Heth Hall. It consists of a tour around campus visiting 9 different buildings where services are located like the food courts,  the  post office, the computer center, etc.  I went out and located all the hotspots I have for my game and took pictures of the buildings. I had a step back; I have the critical graphic eye, so to have consistency I am going back and take more pictures. I would like to take pictures of the buildings from the same perspective and have horizontaldisplay for the most part. I will post them, but if the picture is not that good I will need to go back. Who likes a cloudy sky in their pictures?

The details I mentioned that need improvement are the buttons to add stuff to the game. I suggest they should be placed right above the bar that has the actions and roles (the bottom bar). That way, you do not have to cross the screen to add an action for the game. I find the icons for save or add to be visually distracting because of a grid in the back of it. Perhaps it’s my sense of aesthetics, but it is my impression that it is a bit distracting. On a good note, I like how easy it is to attach a picture or text and to mix a picture and text.
Last week I worked on the links between hotspots, so I am guessing they will work out; it is exciting to think about trying the game but also scary! I will be testing the spots soon, too.

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