A good option!

I am a graduate student and a resident director for RU. That means I oversee a residence hall. I serve as the authority in the hall and supervise four resident assistants. I have this job while I go to school and live in the residence hall I supervise. This position has given me the opportunity to pursue my graduate degree. If you are interested in continuing your studies after getting an undergraduate degree, I recommend that you seek a position such as mine. It will allow you to get a master’s degree.

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One Response to A good option!

  1. Ana Bulluck says:

    That is great that RU allows diversity in their important university employment positions such as you hold Aida! You are a witness of your country to your residents and they can learn from you and what you do for them 🙂 And most important you can also learn from them 🙂 Awesome!

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