My Mother’s words

Sometimes your mom suggests something and you put it in the back of your mind but do not really follow her advice. I think it is something that we do worldwide. Has it happened to you?

This weekend I remembered a suggestion of my mother’s when I first came to this country. My mother is a wise woman and her suggestion connects with this blog. When I got here, I started telling her of all the “ohhs!” and “ahhs!” of what I was experiencing and finding interesting as a newbie in the United States. My mother wisely suggested that I write my experiences about everything I found delightful, new, different and outstanding. She said I should write a journal. I remember her telling me, “You’ll be surprised later on about all the things that you have learned”. At the time I thought my mother, in her loving way, wanted me to be a writer. I thought her idea was too ambitious. Who in the world would ever read or care to know the experiences of being a foreigner?

Now, here I am, writing on this blog about my experiences as an international student.  It comes to mind that my mother gave me wise advice many years ago! Thanks Mom! Finally, I got it!

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4 Responses to My Mother’s words

  1. Beth Capillary says:

    Enjoyed seeing how you have connected to the new learning you have experienced and also sharing it with others. Your mother’s words have come true to an even greater degree than she envisioned!!

  2. Ana Bulluck says:

    Mother’s words are always wise ones and it is always a great idea to heed to them 🙂 The only thing you can’t take with you when you go to another country is Mom’s food!! For some reason I can never replicate it 🙂 I am sure your mother is proud!

  3. Tamara Warner says:

    Great observations, Aida! I wonder why it is a relatively universal phenomenon that we ignore our mother’s advice then come to realize the wisdom of those words years later?? Wait until you become a parent — you will find your mother’s exact words coming right out of you own mouth. 🙂

  4. Druss Jones says:

    What a great idea! I particularly liked the statement, “You’ll be surprised later on about all the things that you have learned”. Thank you for having the energy and the conviction to actually bring her suggestion to fruition through this blog.

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