On the game

The Administration Building as depicted on a postcard from the 1920s. This week, I learned valuable information about the history of this institution while looking for description and details about a building for my RA game. The game is in good shape, I still having some issues on the visibility of the halls but it is almost ready.

McConnell Library is one of my favorite places at RU. You can freeze to death if you do not bring a sweater in any season, but other than that, it is a great facility. The people are friendly and helpful with information. Today I learned about a pool that no longer exists and about life in the 1900s. I saw some wonderful pictures. I also read about spooky stories around campus that I will not talk about. If you are curious, go find out about it! 

The most impressive piece of information was about the construction of Muse Hall which was finished in 1970. I learned it replaced Founders Hall. From the picture, Founders Hall looked gorgeous. I wondered what would be the thinking behind the decision to tear it down.
I love history and I am glad how visionary people have always made changes in this institution to better the life of the Highlanders. I like how the Halls are named after important figures in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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2 Responses to On the game

  1. jeffrey kinder says:

    Founders Hall does look very impressive. I love the architecture at Radford University.

  2. JJ says:

    If one of my friends were looking for me…they always checked the library first. I love that building. Great post!

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