The blues: Homesick?

Yes, it happens! It is part of growing, but on the bright side, you will not be the only one. Many college students at some point get homesick from time to time. People are nice and very understanding. You will find that many of your friends and classmates are feeling it, too. Talk about it; you will be surprised by the advice you get. People will tell you how to cope and get through the sad times. Everyone at college is experiencing being away from home. It is important  to know you are not the only one!

A good and effective way to get the blues out of your way is to get  involved in school activities; there are many, many options for entertainment. RU has clubs and organizations that promote a wide variety of activities for all interests! Another idea is to call home; being so far away from home is not easy. There is much to enjoy and usually you will think it’s great, but be prepared, because, most likely, your geographical change will hit you at some point. It will be okay.

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4 Responses to The blues: Homesick?

  1. Sean Bogle says:

    Homesick has to be one of the most difficult parts about being an int’l student. Some students, who are from this country, can find it hard to even have to deal with being a few hours away from family and friends. Imagine what it must feel like for students who have to drive a few hours; only to board a plane for a flight home that can take several more hours. Imagine not having the money to do so?

  2. Carol says:

    I’m not a college student but I´m from a different country, and it is sometimes so difficult to be here. The first 2 months were horrible. Different customs, different people, and my phone and computer were and still are the only way to be there, near to my family. So homesick, it is really hard, but the most important person in my life is here with me and he supports me in every way and understands me. Summer is almost here, and I will see my family again, yupii.

  3. George says:

    I found this to be something I dealt with as well sometimes when I was working in another state for the summer. It would creep up on you at the strangest times. I found that when you are working and busy, you can keep it away.

  4. Lauren Reinhard says:

    I enjoy your commentary 🙂 it makes me feel better! This whole blog is AMAZING, and I like ready the posts!

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