Endings and beginnings

Yesterday I went to get my cap, gown and hood! and boom!…reality hit! I was opening the bag so careful to get my gown out and try it on, while thinking of all this time in RU! Oh God is here! I was thinking that  in a blink graduation will be here and in a blink it will be over. Mixed feelings of tears and joy 🙂  I think all this calls for waterproof mascara…definitely! ha!  However, I calmed down and I am thankful and peaceful & joyful. Everything  took  on another reality level once I finished with my comprehensive exam; I did not fore see feeling such relief after this presentation. I went out  of the building and even the outside looked different.
For the last month I have started saying my good byes. My belief in never saying bye just vanished to people that knew me. It has worked out sweet and well. I’ve been receiving very kind words and texts that at times overwhelmed me! People are nice and kind. I have been thanking God for all that has happened from the very beginning.
This all  started  with  my best friend’s vision as well as her brother and his wife who showed me this possibility of having a graduate degree. I am thankful to God that they believed in me. Yes, they are my NC-VA family and I love them much!. Thanks for all the support, the long hours, the proof reading, the laughter, tears, and long talks.

I thank God endlessly for making my long time dream of pursuing a masters degree a reality! Thanks to my professors who have taught and guided me and had time to talk and clarify all my questions. Thanks to my family especially  my parents that are always in my mind and my heart and  my siblings and the friends that I have made here. You have been like family to me. To my supervisor who has been an example of leadership. Thanks especially to my two amazing friends L&L who have taught me so much on  growth, strength and kindness and whom I have laughed with never enough.  To Mikele and Gigi which expressions of love always mean the world to me. I will always cherish my time at Radford University. It was a joy coming to this cute little town in the mountains with  such wonderful people.  The end is coming but a beginning is now in the horizon!

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5 Responses to Endings and beginnings

  1. Ruben says:

    You are my little sister, perhaps you did not know this but you have been my inspiration and support in many occassions in my life.
    I am glad you are a Graduate, not only on what you learned at RU but what you have accomplished in life throught your experiences in different countries. It is the right time to continue your Quest of learning more, I admire your strenght.
    I am right behind you if you need me.
    Your brother

  2. Druss Jones says:

    Successfully transitioning from one activity to another is very important in anything we do, so it’s especially important in such a momentous event as graduating with a Master degree. I, too, have learned the great role saying goodbye plays in the transitioning process. Also, savoring places and activities as you go through through them for the last time “burns them to our memory” so that we’ll have pleasant thoughts about them many years from now. So please make the most of your remaining time bidding good bye to your dear friends, and savoring every moment spent at your great university.

  3. Jordan Oakley says:


    3 words for you! YOU CAN’T LEAVE!!!

    Truly going to miss you bunches and bunches, you and I have became really good close friends this year and I will always cherish the good times we have had especially in our Jewelry class. 😉 Best wishes to you in all of your future!

  4. Mary Kay Koetteritz says:

    God has blessed you on this exciting adventure. As you continue to look to Him in all that is ahead you will have good success. Thanks for inviting me to check out your blog. It is helpful and very informative and fun to read.

  5. Greg Sherman says:


    I have watched you learn and grow MUCHO over the past two years, and I have to tell you again how proud I was of your final comprehensive exam presentation. The work you demonstrated, and the manner in which you presented were truly exceptional. Good luck in your coming adventures!

    Dr. Sherman

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