I was asked by my friend Carol to write on pets. So today is all about my dog -Mikele.

Mikele is in Mexico. I love my dog and he still recognizes me when I visit. Mikele was a life gift. I did not buy him but I claimed him in my mind for a year.  One month after my birthday Mikele came to my life as a gift from my coworkers. His unofficial name was “tejocote”. Tejocote is a rich delicious fruit in Mexico.  It has a distinguished orange/reddish color, very vivacious. So like the fruit, Mikele had a reddish tint on his cheeks and on his back. He is a peach poodle. I renamed him by checking the day he was born on the calendar and Mikele -Michael in Italian was the name given. I chose an Italian  name as I had traveled recently that year to Italy and I fell in love with the country and its people.
Mikele  was supposed to have been a tea cup poodle. I believe that  just like the story of Clifford the Big Red Dog  and his owner Emily Elizabeth,
Mikele grew so much because he was so loved by me. Mikele is now a  standard poodle.  He was so wanted and lovingly thought of that  he could not stay a tea cup size and grew to be standard!.

Mikele is very intelligent, wise, playful, and  a good camper. His disposition has always been sweet. He has bear with me  in the long  distance that separates us. At least that is what I like to think. Mikele has become my parents dogs actually. He is  their best friend and companion and the three of them love each other dearly. They are like the three musketeers. 🙂 Mikele brings joy to all the family together and we consider him a family member also. He is good to my two young nieces who are 9 and 5. They  play dress up with  him and put all his toys all  over him  but yet  he  remains kind and loving.
Do you have a pet that is like a family member?

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