To blog or not to blog?

The new two new strategies that I used to increment the traffic in my blog were. In my communications mostly through Gmail, I signed out with the name of my blog at the bottom of my e-mails. There are people I know that do not have Facebook or a twitter account, I know at least of two people that visited the site after emailing them. The second strategy used and most rewarding was to talk to the student I interviewed. I was showing her where she could find her interview in the blog, my resident was very excited. She asked me if she could face book the site so her friends could take a look at it. This was rewarding since this was not intended, but it was good to promote the blog that way. One final strategy not posted on the list that worked well for me was to retwitte the information on my blog specifically at lunch time, I saw the increment of traffic; that is a good strategy, many people get online when they have those 5 minutes free.

This project was very useful as a professional development.At the beginning, I was very challenged but through the process it became something I enjoyed. Now, I found myself several times thinking about what to write for people.  I have learned about writing less and create more quality pieces. I see how having a blog is an ideal way to communicate information that continuously changes, for an educator I think is one of the most productive ways to communicate with parents and of course studentsand engage both parents and students. A blog is a great and effective way to communicate. So far I have 26 post, 352 hits and 42 comments, which I consider a success! I am thinking on changing the look of my blog and make it more personal,  leave perhaps the information for college students. I am still in the process of changes but not sure how much of the actual info I want to keep or not.  Last: to b log or not to blog? Definitely = Blog!

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