The blues: Homesick?

Yes, it happens! It is part of growing, but on the bright side, you will not be the only one. Many college students at some point get homesick from time to time. People are nice and very understanding. You will find that many of your friends and classmates are feeling it, too. Talk about it; you will be surprised by the advice you get. People will tell you how to cope and get through the sad times. Everyone at college is experiencing being away from home. It is important  to know you are not the only one!

A good and effective way to get the blues out of your way is to get  involved in school activities; there are many, many options for entertainment. RU has clubs and organizations that promote a wide variety of activities for all interests! Another idea is to call home; being so far away from home is not easy. There is much to enjoy and usually you will think it’s great, but be prepared, because, most likely, your geographical change will hit you at some point. It will be okay.

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File:Flag of the United States (Pantone).svgThere are no requirements for immunizations to the United States but the university requires proof of having been vaccinated. Look at the site below; in it you will find important information regarding this important requirement. If you have any questions you can also contact the student health service  and have an expert explain to you what the specific requirements are for RU. Read carefully and check what you need to have; I recommend you also check on the duration of the vaccines.

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A good option!

I am a graduate student and a resident director for RU. That means I oversee a residence hall. I serve as the authority in the hall and supervise four resident assistants. I have this job while I go to school and live in the residence hall I supervise. This position has given me the opportunity to pursue my graduate degree. If you are interested in continuing your studies after getting an undergraduate degree, I recommend that you seek a position such as mine. It will allow you to get a master’s degree.

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My Mother’s words

Sometimes your mom suggests something and you put it in the back of your mind but do not really follow her advice. I think it is something that we do worldwide. Has it happened to you?

This weekend I remembered a suggestion of my mother’s when I first came to this country. My mother is a wise woman and her suggestion connects with this blog. When I got here, I started telling her of all the “ohhs!” and “ahhs!” of what I was experiencing and finding interesting as a newbie in the United States. My mother wisely suggested that I write my experiences about everything I found delightful, new, different and outstanding. She said I should write a journal. I remember her telling me, “You’ll be surprised later on about all the things that you have learned”. At the time I thought my mother, in her loving way, wanted me to be a writer. I thought her idea was too ambitious. Who in the world would ever read or care to know the experiences of being a foreigner?

Now, here I am, writing on this blog about my experiences as an international student.  It comes to mind that my mother gave me wise advice many years ago! Thanks Mom! Finally, I got it!

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Something that I have learned, respect and appreciate is how the people in this country unite and help each other when needed and in times of crisis. People take immediate action, no questions asked.

People get together and truly give their time to help meaningful causes effectively. Volunteer work is a very popular activity and a strong social component of this country.

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Change is good!

I have changed in addition to the regular changes we all have in life. I am thankful that moving to this country has been positive.  Living in a foreign country is a valuable experience for me.  I have changed positively in many areas of my life and I have grown in ways I never thought of when I made the decision to live here. Probably if there is a “negative” that would be being so far from my parents. My parents are the most important people in my life and until recently, I didn’t think of the necessity to be close as they are aging. I am concern there will be a time when they need help. Of course, sometimes it is just tough to be far away; I wish I just could visit them at any time.

The positive? Wow! All. I have learned about the culture and I have embraced ways of doing things and ways of thinking. I have had countless positive experiences. There are friends that I consider family, and I learn from people in general everywhere. I enjoy the culture, the food, the places; this is a beautiful country. I like and value every place I go. At times I joke and say that I have been converted from a city girl into a country one and it happened some years ago.

I have learned to be more organized. One of the most valuable learning experiences has been the opportunity to enjoy life as it is. Not that I did not before, of course I did but only up to a point. The economy, spending five hours a day in transportation, country conflicts and city life are things I do not miss at all. I know I can go back and live in a city if I that is needed, but I prefer living in a different, better style. I live differently here, working and enjoying a simple life and doing activities I never knew about before. Every day I learn something!

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How is my game coming along?

I like the program I am using to make my game. Yes, it does have details that need improvement, but the basics are friendly to work with! That is already a plus. I will cover details later.
I have made an entry before on the idea of a the game for RA training. My RA Game for training starts facing Heth Hall. It consists of a tour around campus visiting 9 different buildings where services are located like the food courts,  the  post office, the computer center, etc.  I went out and located all the hotspots I have for my game and took pictures of the buildings. I had a step back; I have the critical graphic eye, so to have consistency I am going back and take more pictures. I would like to take pictures of the buildings from the same perspective and have horizontaldisplay for the most part. I will post them, but if the picture is not that good I will need to go back. Who likes a cloudy sky in their pictures?

The details I mentioned that need improvement are the buttons to add stuff to the game. I suggest they should be placed right above the bar that has the actions and roles (the bottom bar). That way, you do not have to cross the screen to add an action for the game. I find the icons for save or add to be visually distracting because of a grid in the back of it. Perhaps it’s my sense of aesthetics, but it is my impression that it is a bit distracting. On a good note, I like how easy it is to attach a picture or text and to mix a picture and text.
Last week I worked on the links between hotspots, so I am guessing they will work out; it is exciting to think about trying the game but also scary! I will be testing the spots soon, too.

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